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If music can soothe the savage beast, then listening to Shimona's music is definitely balm for the soul.

A story-teller of life weaving songs with her voice, guitar, ukulele, and piano, singer-songwriter Shimona Kee has recently released her first full-length originals album, "Simply Shimona".

With her simple heart-wrenching brand of music, Shimona's voice is a delicious mix of wild child and luscious woman. She is often known for her versatile singing and warm stage-presence.

In 2010, Shimona produced her own independent EP, "Christmas Lights", consisting of well-known carols and one original Christmas song. This independent project was very well received and most of the proceeds donated to a Bangkok-based charity called In Search of Sanuk.

Take an intimate acoustic journey along life's ups and downs with Shimona Kee's first full-length all-originals album "Simply Shimona" which falls back on simple melodies, quiet strong tunes, lyrics and of course a mesmerising voice that will touch the heart.

Available at The Merry Men, Crazyworld Cafe, The Esplanade Shop, and online at Bandcamp, or get a CD mailed to you by filling out this Online Order Form.

Shimona performing at Singapore's National Day Parade 2013 Most notably, Shimona was given the great honour and opportunity to play her own original music ("The Social Media Song" and "The La La La [Singlish] Song") at Singapore's biggest nation-wide parade - National Day Parade 2013.

One of the more sought-after voice instructors in Singapore, Shimona has been steadily taking on more mentorship opportunities in 2013. She launched her own brand of monthly open mic sessions at Outpost 903 Gastrobar (Story-Song Sessions) and is an active supporter of open mics in Singapore - helping to create platforms for the next generation of singer-songwriters. Most recently, Shimona is a judge and mentor for the NEA Eco Music Challenge Songwriting Competition, together with local music industry veterans Dick Lee and Clement Chow.

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