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What makes a good singer?

There is so much more to singing than meets the eye...

Understanding how to break down the elements that go into good singing, and making that information fun and attainable for singers of any level or age is what makes Shimona an incredibly effective and popular Voice Instructor.

With the practical experience to back up her sound knowledge of how the voice works (having studied voice and piano at college), her ability to immediately hone-in on each individual's unique singing style, strengths and weaknesses, coupled with her knowledge of a variety of techniques and exercises guarantee quick improvement as well as sound long-term singing habits.

Her lessons focus not just on the "end- product" of singing, but also on areas such as ear training, basic music theory, breathing exercises, song interpretation, mastering bridges (ie. developing a smooth transition from low/high registers), vocal stylings, mic techniques etc - thus resulting in a well-rounded approach to singing.

Shimona has always had a natural affinity and love for imparting knowledge and skills to others. Having graduated with honors in Education and Psychology, and a minor in Music (Emphasis: Voice and Piano), she combines an in-depth knowledge of teaching techniques with practical skill and more than a decade of professional singing experience. Her personable character makes Shimona a very effective teacher to students of any age.

Musical Expertise At a Glance:
  • Two years in professional acapella group Vocaluptuous (2000-2002)
  • ABRSM Piano Grade 5 Theory & Practical - Distinction.
  • Double Music Minor: Voice and Piano.
  • Professional stage and recording singing experience since 2000.
  • Music production, arrangement, vocal production: 2010, 2011.
  • Shimona also teaches Beginner's Ukulele

For information on fees and availability, please email info@shimonakee.com
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